Seven cities of cibola a discovery

On the southern side of the mountains he found a stream he called the Nexpa, which may have been either the Santa Cruz or the San Pedro in modern Arizona of modern maps, most likely the northward-flowing San Pedro River.

The Mysterious Journey of Friar Marcos de Niza

Under Mendoza's orders, Marcos proceeded north in all the way to Cibola, and returned in late summer of that year with a report of the discovery of a prosperous Native American province, the Seven Cities of Cibola Zuni, New Mexico.

InCoronado, Mendoza, Spaniards, natives, and four Franciscan monks headed north for the purposes of taking the gold from the Seven Cities of Cibola.

The seven cities of Cíbola.

While this has all been going on, both Dane and Jade set off to follow the clues but the Dominion follows them at every turn. The Querechos were not awed or impressed by the Spanish, their weapons, and their "big dogs" horses. The villages before them were nothing more than primitive grass huts.


This expedition headed northwest to the Hopi villages, which they recorded as Tusayan. At Harahey "was a river, with more water and more inhabitants than the other".

He died in Still, No Golden Cities! As more information is uncovered, the dig comes under attack, Bones finds a gold disc, and, with the help of reporter Amanda Shores, Bones escapes. Upon asking these whence it had come, they claimed to have brought it from the north, where there was much of it and highly prized.

The earliest explanation may be found in an account of a journey to present-day Florida that began in Here is a summary of some of the expeditions: There is a lot that goes into this series and I believe that David Wood has done a fabulous job in not only telling a cool story that could be made into movies, ahem but also developing the characters into people you care about and want to know more about.

Description[ edit ] The tribal chiefs middle wears an unusual headdress. Rumors of Riches Over the next eight years, the party gradually moved westward. Coronado expected to find the fabled seven cities, but instead, found little more than a complex of Zuni Indian pueblos.

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Discovery of the seven cities of Cibola,

Mendoza lost this investment. Several levels are possible: The northern frontier lay only a few hundred miles north of Mexico City, and beyond that was a land unknown. He quickly took to exploring. Materially, the Hopi region was just as poor as the Zuni in precious metals, but the Spaniards did learn that a large river the Colorado lay to the west.

The need for riches led the Conquistadors toward ever-expanding horizons, including into Arizona.Home / World Truth / The Lost City Of Cibola And The Legendary 7 Cities Of Gold.

The Search for Cibola, the Seven Cities of Gold

The Lost City Of Cibola And The Legendary 7 Cities Of Gold RiseEarth AM World Truth Edit by Ivan; Ancient Code Tales of lost legendary cities, forgotten civilizations and incalculable riches left behind by a people long gone, are the perfect ingredients for.

· As governor of New Galicia (a province of New Spain in present-day Mexico), Coronado heard stories of seven golden cities along the Pacific Ocean named Cibola and quickly assembled a simultaneous land and sea  · The game "Seven Cities of Gold" was graphically and acoustically first class at its time.

Especially the details are enthusing: If autumn comes, the small trees change their colour.

The Coronado Expedition

Especially the details are enthusing: If autumn comes, the small trees change their Abstract "The exploration for real and mythical treasures in the Americas"--Jacket. Abstract "For half a millennium, stories of vast treasures--El Dorado, Ciudad de los Césares, Sierra del Plata, and the Seven Cities of Cibola--have been part of the lore of the  · Cibola – Seven Cities of Gold As early as the Spanish authorities in Mexico heard reports of the “ Seven Cities of Cibola,” which were reputed to be exceedingly opulent, but it was not until ten years later that any systematic attempt was made to find them and exploit their  · Cibola is the 2nd in the Dane Maddock Adventure series that is written by David Wood.

Jade Ihara has spent her life searching for Cibola, or more accurately, the legend of the seven gold cities of Cibola that Coronado tried to

Seven cities of cibola a discovery
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