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Asia Contemporary Art Week did not attempt to offer a view of what art is—that's up to museums and biennials to do—but offered instead, a framework to think about what art can do. The monumental sculpture, made primarily of bamboo and wood, with its serpentine tail and fanned, rearing hood resembles a cobra, striking an ominous chord despite its physical beauty.

But, if I am to point to common denominators that emerged from the week, I would underscore trauma and technology as agents for connection and deep healing. Each performance includes over 75 dancers, musicians and folk singers with an authentic collection of over 2, costumes with traditional jewellery that is more than a century old.

Back in April, we took some hearty nutritionists adviseby looking to the darker end of the rainbow. On now — May Why Go: I used to relate to a lot of Hermann Hesse books, because his words are like a flowing river. The main living space of the Houseboat pictured is dominated by a triple-height concrete arch.

The panels of glass were made in Florence, Italy, and placed in supports made in Switzerland, for assembly in Japan. But most of the time the art takes center stage, everything else fading quietly into the background It is this obsessive refinement that raises Mr.

Quite literally, the building is the canvas.

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The laser-cut tiles in the pool are laid in a chevron pattern that references Renzo piano favourite artist French parquet Pool and spa by Claesson Koivisto Rune This year also saw Pritzker Prize-winning Italian architect Renzo Piano unveil his highly anticipated cultural building: Proboscidea, by William Wegman.

The six-year process of building the Houseboat, a new home in Poole, was a labour of love for both client, Roger Zogolovitch, and architect, Meredith Bowles.

When desired, this has enabled him to break out of the habits of academic painting, deploying instead a strong emotive use of colour and abstraction. Doodles of mystical signs, symbols, and deities appeared on the board, adding a Renzo piano favourite artist and performative aspect to the Open Studio.

How would you define beauty in characters or less? Do you have a favourite book, film or painting, which inspires you? Roca is a leading global bathroom brand, who wanted their Roca London Gallery to be much more than just a display space.

To see traditional Greek dance Take in traditional Greek dancing at the seat open air Dora Stratou theatre located on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis.

Piano's design was chosen after competition whose entrants included projects by Norman FosterFrank Gehry and Cesar Pelli. The architecture critic of the New York Times, Nicolai Ouroussoff, wrote, "the result is a space with the weight of history and the lightness of clouds Visit our Gift Guides and find our recommendations on what to get friends and family during the holiday season.

Flowers courtesy of Flowerbx. The de Young, designed to help withstand future earthquakes, can move up to three feet 91 centimetres due to a system of ball-bearing sliding plates and viscous fluid dampers that absorb kinetic energy and convert it to heat.

What piece of your work would you like to be remembered for? The day of our interview, I spent the afternoon photographing the boys in their studio, wiping prussian blue paint from my chin.

The main congress hall in Halles aux Toiles features a vaulted timber ceiling. Top 10 Architecturally Amazing Galleries When it comes to art galleries, the building itself can become a part of the collection.

Xin Liu, an artist and engineer from Xinjiang, China who studied at MIT Media Lab, has a research-oriented practice that includes performance, apparatus, installations, and scientific experiments to examine the empathic potential of technology on human experience.

I liked his inner thoughts and inner narrative. Gae Aulenti and Piero Castiglioni bring handcrafting to industry with the Parola table lamp Gae Aulenti and Piero Castiglioni bring handcrafting to industry with the Parola table lamp Gae Aulenti produces another runaway success when she combines three kinds of glass, each made from a different production, craft or industrial process.

On now — 21 October Why Go: Piano retained the original exterior walls of the main building, but removed the transversal interior walls and replaced them with glass walls, so the entire interior is visible from the outside, and those inside can see the park outside the theater.

On now — 29 September Why Go: Pictured, the glass fins provide shade from the Californian sun at Apple Park.Jason Morgan, the classic all-American man has been modelling since and has become recognisable for his rugged look, chiseled jaw and inch-perfect body.

3D artist wanted for leading architectural practice Nordic — Office of Architecture. Europe.

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I have to admit that New York is one of my favourite places to shoot, although over there I’m more likely to be flying at ft rather than ft in London as the buildings are so tall.

BEST Visualization of YEAR Renzo Piano’s The Renzo Piano exhibition is really interesting. The projects on display are clear and very well-known, but the script and the directing behind the show is genial and creates new feelings; I recommend visiting it to everybody, it’s a fresh new way of demonstrating architecture, although there is much more scenography there than Location: Wynyard Station, Sydney Artist: Chris Fox Commissioned by: Transport for NSW A large-scale installation of old escalators of Wynyard station in Sydney CBD is Animals, Illustration, Artist, Optical Illusions, Behance, Line Art, Art Decor, Drawings, Animales Abstract geometric patterns are one of my favourite things to create in Adobe Illustrator.

/ Renzo Piano. renu robin Design. Renzo Piano. Zaha Hadid Architecture Futuristic Architecture Architecture Student Architecture Details Renzo Piano's studio designs "imaginary island" containing of the architect's projects director picks his five favourite architectural models.

Ingels have created Lego buildings for an

Renzo piano favourite artist
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