How to write a good first blog entry

Do your points come across well? What about guest posting? And the truth is that blogging can afford us such freedoms and luxuries. Plan your blog post by choosing a topic, creating an outline, conducting research, and checking facts. It helps us identify and connect with them!

Keep in touch with our latest posts, and get actionable tips - right to your inbox. Photo courtesy of Office. I can hear your objections already. Why would someone come to my blog? Now take up thy pen, go forth, and blog like a badass.

Writing Your Introduction Blog Post Starting a blog is not always the main thing; you also need to make sure you start right. Just get into the meat of the blog post, and worry about the introduction later.

With some support, a little courage, and a few tricks, I was able to complete my first post. How to Write a Blog Post, Step 1: The Editing Part Actually writing a blog post is hard.

When you edit your blog, you have to be prepared to delete a lot of stuff. I will, however, offer some self-editing tips and suggestions on how to tighten up your writing so that it packs a punch and keeps your readers scrolling.

Answer these questions by creating a topic sentence before you dive into the nitty-gritty of your blog. Want help creating content?

If I am supposed to trust you and bookmark your blog, then I will need to know who you are. And then a little bit more. Boom, post 1 complete. Now let's review each step in more detail.

Having your own pictures on your own blog will show authenticityand your readers will start to trust you. Head on over to the second part of this post to start writing you first blog post right now. Three main headings is the minimum I would recommend for a blog post, so feel free to add more.

Body Photo courtesy of Jesslee Cuizon The body is where you start talking about the topic of your blog in detail. I was thrilled to see people interacting with what I had written.

How To Overcome Your Fears And Write The Perfect First Blog Post

Begin a new post by clicking the appropriate button or icon on your dashboard. Make sure they know that you are an open, honest, and passionate blogger. Are holidays around the corner? That first post is terribly important, because it sets the tone for the blog, not just for the readers, but for the writers as well.

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps

There is no right or wrong answer here — only whatever works for you. Dispel some myths in a particular area and match them against facts.

Brainstorming out loud with another person will unlock the floodgates and get ideas pouring out of your brain. Many ideas, not only for your first post, but for your next posts too.

Or to the contrary?How to Write Your First Blog Entry.

This Is Exactly What Your First Blog Post Should Be About

Composing a WordPress blog post is a lot like typing an e-mail: You give it a title, you write the message, and you click a button to send your words into the world.

Follow these steps to write a basic blog post: 1 Click Add New on the Posts drop-down list. Here are a few suggestions you can use to develop your own voice and style for your blog. First, remember that a blog is a conversation.

Try to write the way you speak. Avoid jargon and clichés and don’t overuse the thesaurus. It may be helpful to speak your entry out loud before trying to type it or to read it aloud after you’ve written it.

How To Write Your First Blog Post

Blog - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How To Overcome Your Fears And Write The Perfect First Blog Post. Last Modified: August 29, This is death to an otherwise good first blog post. Writing too much eases this temptation and ensures all the content is of the highest standard.

4) Writing your first blog post takes courage. Photo courtesy of Photo via Example Writer’s Blog Entries Friday, April 7 Conclusions about Conclusions Current mood: happy I plan on in the future working harder on my conclusion. I hope they can help you learn how to write a good blog too.

Thanks for posting your first blog. I’m afraid to start a blog even though I have many ideas, because I’m afraid it will be lame. Have a look at my final blog entry, below, summarising the last two weeks of writing to these specs, and please don’t be afraid to leave.

How to write a good first blog entry
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