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The letter on top denoted the location, and the bottom two were the Guerilla notes, starting with AA and progressing Guerilla notes needed.

Serial numbers were applied in two different styles of type. It is a currency that was issued by the Japanese Military Authority, as a replacement for local currency.

Most of them were founded by American soldiers and Philippine Scouts. All of this is well known to modern military historians and leaders: This showed a stark difference in outcome between German and Allied command strategieswith the French expecting a defensive war and the Brits adhering faithfully and destructively to the centralized model.

The Guerilla Note or War script was issued during War and it was authorized by the Commonwealth Government to finance the local Guerilla notes and underground war machinery. There are certainly many more, and feel free to suggest examples in the comments, but these are my favorites and probably the most influential.

Several units were Guerilla notes around the Philippines and even the farthest of them have produced and issued their own respective scripts. The Guerilla Note or War script was issued during War and it was authorized by the Commonwealth Government to finance the local resistance and underground war machinery.

They must live through example, they must live an ascetic life with impeccable morality with strict self-control, so that they may always stay on the right path.

In set battles, the Macedonians showed a high degree of maneuverability, with oblique advanceseffective use of reserves, and well-timed cavalry strikes into gaps in enemy formations, all of which depended on the delegation of tactical decision-making. Security in these rock heights, where I can climb over any past strife.

They first used what are known as "Block Letters", printed in red on the face of the note. Cluster up strength in each fractal fragment of forest light. This authority was the basis for printing currency to finance the free government and the resistance force.

The flexibility of the Roman maniples was shown at the Battle of Cynoscephalaein which the Macedonian phalanx—which had frontal superiority through its use of the sarissa and cohesion but little maneuverability—became disorganized on rough ground and was cut to pieces on one flank by the more mobile and individually capable Roman legionaries, This as well as many battles in the Macedonian and Syrian Wars proved showed the value of flexibility and individual action in a disciplined force, but where was the Auftragstaktik?

To this end, I have attempted to gather as many scans of the existing notes as I could, and have categorized them on the left. These are known as "Whole Block Letters".

Once the Japanese government made these notes, their military confiscated all hardcurrency in the Philippines, both from the government and the people.

The latter is the one we are interested in here. The second problem involves the consolidation of power and the defense of revolutionary institutions against counter-revolutionary forces. Though it was also one of the most chaotic yet, it was also the time when Filipinos showed their resourcefulness and innovations during the times of crisis.

Now for an explanation of the method the Japanese used for adding serial numbers to most of these issues.NOTES ON GUERRILLA WARFARE.

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CONTENTS Chapter Subject 1 Our Tradition 2 What Is Guerrilla Warfare? 3 Guerrilla Strategy 4 Tactics of Guerrillas 12 Battle Notes A Handbook for Volunteers of the Irish Republican Army, issued by General Headquarters, Guerilla Poets. 1, likes · 20 talking about this.

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