An examination of the character of reverend john hale in the crucible by arthur miller

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He answered he heard they were very bad last night but he had heard nothing this morning. You have made your magic now, for now I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. I know what you mean, though. Christian broadcasting stations are deserting the preaching of the Word and reverting to performing plays as a means of evangelisation.

How high did she fly, How high? John says in the play that Abigail "hopes to dance with me upon my wife's grave. Not knowing that he had already confessed, Elizabeth lies and denies any knowledge of the affair. The writer overlooks the simple fact that whilst Moses was on Mount Sinai, the other Jews were denouncing their leader as an impostor and worshipping the golden calf.

In there was a severe outbreak of smallpox in the colony which caused many deaths. It is difficult to say, and she is on the verge of tears. Described in the text as being "a fat, sly, merciless girl of eighteen. Some of the accused showed almost incredible bravery and a godly Biblical faith.

Giles' wife, Martha, is executed because of the witchcraft accusations. Once he is forced to choose between death or saving his own life—which would implicate innocent people—he accepts and forgives his failings, rising above them to save his friends at the cost of his life: You have done your duty by her.

This is a problem. Integrity is the way you perceive yourself. I will not receive a single plea for pardon or postponement.

Hale Crucible Essay Research Paper John Hale

Characters in order of appearance Reverend Samuel Parris Parris is the poorly respected minister of Salem's church. My guns-and-missiles officer, Van Larch, is a painter. They depict in detail, for instance, the drinking of blood, dancing naked in the moonlight and adultery galore.

Miller seems to be basing his argument on the assumption that scientific research would have been taboo to a Puritan. You can use PowerShow.

It would have been very strange, we are told, if Mather, with his reputation for managing everything, had not been present at the trials. She nearly confesses that she and the other girls were lying about witchcraft until the other girls pretend that she is sending out her spirit upon them in the courtroom.

Reverend Samuel Parris: Was He to Blame for the Salem Witch Trials?

It must be added that the Mathers were the first to publicly question the methods of the court. He uses Mary Warren as an appeal to the law for a reversal of the court edict.

Later in Act III, she and the other girls claim to be under the influence of Mary Warren's spirit, which causes them to see and feel various phenomena. There is, however, no shade of evidence that any of the defendants or their accusers for that matter at the original trials were guilty of any of these things.

Then Abigail and Ann had fits. Decent citizens who sign petitions attesting to the good character of their accused friends and neighbors are thrown into prison as suspects. You mad, you murderous bitch! There was no class war in Salem. The fact that innocent people are being accused makes him see things with different eyes.

Apparently the inhabitants thought that once they were inoculated with cow-pox serum they would develop horns and hoofs and start to moo. God help me, I lusted, and there is a promise in such sweat. Another sketch featured two elderly ladies. But then nuclear physicist Dr. Anyone who tries to introduce into court the voice of reason is likely to be held in contempt.


Acting sin is doing sin. As long as he did not answer yes or no, his children would be able to keep his estate. Reverend Parris is a paranoid, power-hungry, yet oddly self-pitying figure.

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In an attempt to discredit Mary, Abigail and the other girls begin to scream and cry out that they are freezing. He continued briskly for some minutes, hesitating only momentarily.In the midst of chaos with accusations flying and emotional outbursts all around him, one character from Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" remains calm.

That is the Reverend John Hale. That is the question posed by Steppenwolf for Young Adults’ 17/18 season, a question that we are invited to grapple with in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, directed by Jonathan Berry.

Brimming with talent, Steppenwolf’s production offers a heart-pounding and potent take on a familiar piece of theatre, whose themes comment sharply on many. A meticulously constructed parallel, Arthur Miller's The Crucible took a serious shot at Senator Joseph McCarthy's communist trials by likening it to the madness and hysteria surrounding the witch hunts of colonial Salem, Mass.

In the actual Salem trials, Mary Warren (Abigail in The Crucible) convicted Elizabeth, not John. This showed Miller that it was the first of a succession of mordant proofs that the great "issues" which the hysteria was allegedly about were covers for petty ambitions, hard-headed political drives, and the fantasies of very small and vengeful minds.

In the director’s notes, Morey touches on the various ways that Miller’s The Crucible is celebrated in American drama. In addition to his focus on main character John Proctor’s inward examination, he notes that in his play Miller was able to touch on many possible factors that contributed to the historical witch trials of in Salem Massachusetts.

While Arthur Miller was more likely known for his most popular play DEATH OF A SALESMAN, which won the Pulitzer Prize as the best play inTHE CRUCIBLE is regarded by many critics to be a much more superior work.

An examination of the character of reverend john hale in the crucible by arthur miller
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