A comparison and contrast between robert browning and mathew arnolds poems

The details of the landscape present a smoothly grey picture, but are nonetheless lovely descriptions, such as: Browning had selected a sordid Italian life of crime. Merope might exhibit perfection of form, but "to attain or approach perfection in the region of thought and feeling, and to unite this with perfection of form, demands not merely effort and labour, but an actual tearing of oneself to pieces.

Here he records the death of his friend Arthur Hallam and his thoughts and the problems of life and death, his religious anxieties, and his hard-won faith in eternal life. Thomas Arnold, he rejected the supernatural elements in religion, even while retaining a fascination for church rituals.

Other genres include nonsense versepoetry which required a childlike interest e. Culture and Anarchy is also famous for its popularisation of the phrase "sweetness and light," first coined by Jonathan Swift.

The theory of evolution contained within the work challenged many of the ideas the Victorians had about themselves and their place in the world. The entire section is 1, words. GilbertOscar Wilde became the leading poet and dramatist of the late Victorian period.

Unfortunately the art and poetry describes one of the worst things that human can do to one another. Early years[ edit ] The Reverend John Keblewho would become one of the leaders of the Oxford Movementstood as godfather to Matthew. Four years later, he discharged himself and walked the 80 miles home in three and a half days, living on grass he ate by the side of the road.

I believe a feeling of this kind is the basis of my nature--and of my poetics. It has remained extremely popular. No insight into her character is offered—she reflects the landscape as much as it reflects her.

Other authors such as Anthony Hope and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote mainly for adults, but their adventure novels are now generally classified as for children.

Main difference between Alfred Tennyson and Robert Browning

It is a real love; a free and a pure love. Another aspect that can be found along the poem is the presence of religious allusions: He does not in anyway think of his love as a goddess or a heavenly creature, but in spite of that, his love "as rare," which makes it realistic and charming at the same time.

The first verse of the poem has a joyful tone; the narrator of the poem seems happy and full of delight.

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Most poets expressed their perception and emotion through their writings. The lines are about ten words long, apart from the last two lines, which are shorter.

Inhe conducted the first of three trips to the continent at the behest of parliament to study European educational practices. He was educated at the Birkenhead Institute and at Shrewsbury Technical school. His poems are crowded with memorable characters, and the whole of Renaissance Italy comes to life in his pages.

The effect of using dramatic monologue to convey this idea is very effective. Arnold is essentially a critic, though originally a poet, and his poetry and his criticism go hand in hand, As a critic-poet, he has emphasised the necessity of design in poetry and also the grand style. The Bible bulks largest, followed by moral, religious, and philosophical thinkers.

Although it took a long time to be widely accepted, it would dramatically change subsequent thought and literature. This lost affected her and she never fully recovered. The belief that sustained him and motivated his crusade on behalf of "culture" is soberly expressed in the late essay "A French Critic on Milton": It omitted "Empedocles on Etna" and the early poem "The New Sirens," but contained two new poems which have been widely known and liked ever since, " Sohrab and Rustum " and " The Scholar-Gipsy.

Compiling folk tales by many authors with different topics made it possible for children to read literature by and about lots of different things that interested them. Because of the relatively lower middle class status of his fathers line of work, Blake was raised in a state of not quite poverty, but he saw what life could really be like if he was down on his luck, and thi.

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He is still ambitious "to sail beyond the sunset".Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Gender differences in poetry. 1. Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to answer a crucial question: is there any difference between men and women writings within Victorian poetry?

with a dashing and handsome poet named Robert Browning. ” [12] At her husband's insistence, the second edition of Elizabeth’s Poems included her love sonnets.

Among the major Victorian writers sharing in a revival of interest and respect in the second half of the twentieth century, Matthew Arnold is unique in that his reputation rests equally upon his poetry and his prose.

Only a quarter of his productive life was given to writing poetry, but many of the same values, attitudes, and feelings that are expressed. Compare and contrast the work of Browning with that of Tennyson in any ways that you think appropriate 'Ulysses' is among my favourites from this collection.

It conveys the ceaseless restlessness, the desire for ever more experience, the inability to settle, of the character who is speaking. The Religious Element in the Poetry of Matthew Arnold in Relation to the Victorian Era What contrast there is, for example, between Percy Bysshe Shelley and Francis Thompson, both of whom have written many nature poems.

In Shelley the appeal is almost completely sensuous; his delight. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is a poet remembered for all the wrong reasons. Reclusive for most of her life, publicity shy, and extremely reserved, she is primarily known today as the heroine of an.

A comparison and contrast between robert browning and mathew arnolds poems
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